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stone cold simple free background tiles
PSP patterns, textures, fills & graphics resources

Welcome to Stone Cold Simple. Kick back & browse around. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find some tiles you want to download. If nothing else, you might have fun running your cursor over the links & watching the full-sized tile backgrounds change. Also, do be sure to go to the home page & run your cursor over the page links. It's very relaxing & being kinda luminous, it's almost downright hypnotic.
Please note that the above mentioned luminous feature will not show up in firefox.



 Come on in.  Leave me a note!



I Wanna Know Just Where The Heck Are Ya!

An Introduction

First thing you should know is that if you sign my guestbook &/or my guestmap then no need for a link- back. Also my tiles are not really "organized" in any particular way, such as by colour, or type, or texture. I started out intending to organize them, but before long, I gave up on that. I just made them, numbered them as I went along & put them up on these pages. So do not think that by viewing 2 or 3 tiles of a given page that the entire page's tiles will necessarily be similar ..although in some cases they are. Examples: Page 19 tends to be mostly kinda what I call "metallique", page 20 tends to be mostly autumnal in colour & page 5 is mostly whitish. But in fact, they are a melange & best thing to do is just go look at them.

Also, many of my tiles are made entirely with PSP (Paint Shop Pro) .. but most of them are made with various graphics programs, to say nothing of many, many filters. Most of the tiles are in jpg format, but now & then they are in png format. However, jpg or png, all of them are useable as textures, patterns or fills with PSP (any version). They will also work just as well in Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Ulead PhotoImpact or just about any standard graphics app.

~ NB ~ NB ~ NB ~  With very few exceptions, I have made no attempt to reduce the file size of my tiles, as this also reduces the quality & detail. If you download any of my tiles for use on your own site or for use as patterns &/or fills for other graphics you are making, although I do not recommend it, feel free to reduce the filesize yourself if you want to.

~ NB ~ NB ~ NB ~  Last but definitely not least, if you are viewing a given tiles page for the first time, please allow time for tiles to load.

How To Use This Site

Getting Around This Site :
You can use the nav-menu at top left to get directly to any page on this site or you can use the BACK-NEXT "hand-pointers" near the bottom of the individual pages. Almost every page on this site has both these navigation features. Noteable exceptions are the "index" (home page) which has only the page numbers -- also the broken art & colour chart pages which both open in a new window.
On the "tiles" pages, you'll find both these features on the "navigation table" on left of page(s).

How To Download Tiles :
Because it is a major spacesaver, I use a javascript format which, by running your cursor over the "tile number" links, will show the tiles as full size page backgrounds.
To see the full size page of each tile, run your cursor slowly over the tile numbers.
To download a background you like, just slide your cursor off of the number link then right click anywhere on the desired background then choose "Save Background As".

~ NB ~ NB ~ NB ~ For Firefox users: Do as described above but choose "View Background Image". When the image comes up, right click on it & chose "Save Image As" (use back button to return to the page you were on).

Do NOT CLICK on the tile number links as they are mouseovers & will change at the touch of the cursor.

~ NB ~ NB ~ NB ~ For Macintosh (Mac, iMac) users : I'm told that the "right click & download background" feature is not available.
Therefore, due to the javascript format of this site, any Mac users can feel free to email me & I'll be glad to send you a zip file of any tile(s) you may be interested in.

~ NB ~ NB ~ NB ~ For WEB TV users : I'm told you have to TRANSLOAD ....



Every single tile on this site is a "stone cold simple" original. This of course means that I hold the copyrights to each & every one of these puppies. However, you are more than welcome to download as many as you want, for use on your own website, or a website you create for someone else, even commercially. But these tiles are linkware. Many of you know what linkware means, but for those who do not, it simply means that if you use them on the internet you should provide a link-back (credit) to the home page of this site in return. A simple text link is fine. Not too much to ask, I hope.
However I repeat that if you sign my guestbook &/or my guestmap then no need for a link- back.

Also, you may not use them as your own collection(s) for redistribution (for free or for sale). No need to put them in a collection, they are obviously already in one, right here. Bottom line of my TOS, be reasonable.

~ NB ~ NB ~ NB ~  No Hot Linking !! For those who may not know this term, it means do not link directly to the graphics on this site, any of my other sites (or anyone else's site for that matter). To do so may result in imminent death. Thus, for your own safety, instead of hot linking, I beg you to please save the stuff you want to your own hard drive & upload them to your own site.

If you want seamless background tiles or left border backgrounds that do not require a link-back,
please head on over to my other free graphics site :


Please note that on the above site, I am known as jamba, but on this site, I am known as my alter ego: stonecold.
I guess you could say that stonecold is "another side of jamba".

About This Site

This site is made on a desktop PC, with a 17-inch screen using a resolution of 1024 by 768 & set at "true color" (32-bit).
This website is W3C compliant & hand coded with either Notepad or EditPad Lite. I prefer to code by hand because that way I can be sure that my code won't be changed by the editor itself. Besides, it sure is the easiest way & definitely the cheapest way!
This site also relies heavily on a mixture of embedded css & css stylesheets (made with TopStyle Pro), as well as javascript.

This website is powered by SiteGround. They offer unlimited web space & a whole long list of great features, such as Cpanel with Fantastico scripts already installed in it, at a remarkably low price. Don't just take my word, go check for yourself.
If you happen to be looking for a good, solid yet inexpensive webhost, please click on the link I have provided throughout this site. That is my referral link which will tell them I sent you. Should you choose to purchase hosting with them via my link, it will give me one free month of hosting & it will give you a great webhost with your own referral link.


~ About Moi ~

Not much to say. Amongst other things, I'm a professional web designer & graphic artist .. but I think of myself as a webmanipulator. That's because I feel that both websites & graphic arts are more "manipulated" than "made" or "designed". I say that because, in my experience, I have found that they both seem to start out one way & after some "manupulation", they inevitably end up another. This has been true for me with with all the graphics & websites I have ever "manipulated" for myself or for others (including this one).

stonecold :: self-portrait :: hiding

 stonecold :: self-portrait hiding

ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet? ~ bob dylan


location: never never land
directions: 2nd star to the right & straight on till morning
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stone cold simple free background tiles
PSP patterns, textures, fills
& graphics resources

available free for a link
at a pc near you.

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stonecold at stonecoldsimple dot com

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I pretty much try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face. ~ Johnny Depp


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